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CAT 2024 All in One Program

CAT 2024| SNAP 2024| NMAT 2024| XAT 2025| CMAT 2025| IIFT 2024|

Course Instructor Ketan


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Exams covered are CAT, SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, XAT, TISS, CMAT, CET 1]120 Must do CAT Special LRDI Sets. 2]Solving 5 years past CAT Question Papers. 3]VARC Most Exclusive Shortcuts to reach 100% Accuracy, focus on Quants "AAG Strategy". 4]22 E-BOOKS. 5] 720 MOCKS {Topic Wise, Sectional, Full length mocks} 6]GDPI Assistance with Live Interactive Session. 7]Strategy and Revisions Workshops.and Live Mocks Analysis Workshop 8]Topic Wise Live Doubt Solving Sessions.

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CAT 2024 All in One Program

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